Internet matters

In partnership with EE, TikTok and more… Lesson plans, powerpoints and videos.

Mind Yer Time

Designed by children and young people from the Children's Parliament and the Scottish Youth Parliament, Mind Yer Time has been created to support everyone who loves social media and screen time. We've got positive tips, stories and information for children and young people, to help you use your screen time positively! Information can be used in Powerpoints or sent to pupils.

BBC Bitesize

Videos for PSHE by the BBC

Be Internet Safe with Google

Internet Safety by Google

Better Internet for Kids

Lesson plans, video and more… Can be filtered by language and by age.

BBC Teach

Videos by BBC Teach featuring TV personalities and celebrities


Teaching resources by the NSPCC


Amaze takes the awkward out of sex ed. Real info in fun, animated videos about sex, your body and relationships.


Videos by Ted Ed with questions for the class and extra information


Information about a range on subjects by Childline that you can send to pupils or add to your Powerpoints.

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