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Well, what a week it has been! From announcing the existence of this project on Monday to calling for new volunteers on Saturday, I think it's fair to say, that for all involved, this launch week has been a whirl! Thanks to everyone for joining us, and we hope that you'll keep up your interest as we move towards the date that school applications will open, on the 21st September. In this blog, we'll summarise some of the big announcements made this week.

The Scheme

The Curriculum for Life Award Scheme is a youth-led project aiming to increase the standard of Curriculum for Life teaching in UK schools. We aim to do this by accrediting schools for the quality and extent of their PSHE educations. We will do this based on topics taught, feedback from teachers, parents and students, resources used, frequency/length of lessons, and other evidence that can be provided. You can read the full concept note here and visit our new website here


We announced on Thursday that we're looking for organisations (and individuals) who would be willing to support us. This would involve you blogging about us, posting about us on your social media, and agreeing to let us put your logo on our website.

Furthermore, some organisations or individuals may wish to extend their support by donating to us (more below) or providing advice to us on how to develop our project further down the line.


As a youth-led scheme working with no budget, we are going to need to raise some funds before September in order to make this project a reality. It would be amazing if anyone reading this could donate, even just a small amount, to us by visiting https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/curriculum-for-life

We announced on Friday that we will open to applications from schools on Monday 21st September, via our website. In the meantime, schools can block out time for these crucial lessons when creating timetables for September, and begin to collect any resources together, which we'd love to share with other schools too - there'll be a resource bank on our website in order to support all schools in delivering these valuable lessons.

Youth Volunteers

As an entirely youth-led zero-budget organisation, we are currently working off the time of 6 young people. To make this project a reality, we are going to need to grow this team significantly, so if you're interested, please do fill in the form at curriculumforlife.uk/join

Thanks for reading this blog and for joining us on this journey.

You can keep up to date by following us @c4laward on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and do get in touch with us by emailing hello@curriculumforlife.uk if you have any questions!


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