• Lydia Nottingham

It's launch week!

This week, we are launching the first-of-its-kind Curriculum For Life Award Scheme!

The Curriculum For Life Award Scheme (C4LAS) was founded by a small group of 14-17-year-old members of the UK Youth Parliament, and we’ve been working hard to get it ready over the past few months. We would like to thank SOS-UK for agreeing to be our first supporting organisation, and holding the funds we hope to raise.

So, what is Curriculum For Life (C4L), and why are we starting a schools’ award scheme? Curriculum For Life refers to subjects such as politics, finance, first aid, and mental health-- essentially any non-academic skill that students will need beyond the classroom. Since it is not currently mandatory to teach these subjects, C4L education varies drastically across the country.

It’s our goal to change that so that every student can get the crucial education, both academic and non-academic, that they deserve. The Curriculum For Life Award Scheme is a youth-led project wherein schools can apply for a Bronze, Silver, or Gold “Curriculum For Life Award” depending on the quantity and quality of their C4L teaching. The scheme should provide an incentive for schools to teach C4L, recognise those that already do, and eventually provide a strong basis for it to become mandatory nationwide.

Schools will be able to apply for the awards from September, but in the meantime, we’ve got an exciting launch lined up. We’ll be posting all week long on Twitter and Instagram @C4LAward, so please give us a follow, share our posts, and stay tuned!

Lydia Nottingham, 15

C4LAS Volunteer and member of UK Youth Parliament


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