What is the Curriculum for Life Award Scheme?

The Curriculum For Life Award Scheme is a youth-led project wherein schools can apply for a Bronze, Silver, or Gold “Curriculum For Life Award” depending on the quantity and quality of their Curriculum For Life teaching. The aim of this project is to increase the teaching of non-academic ‘life skills’ in UK schools.


Curriculum For Life refers to topics such as politics, finance, first aid, and mental health-- essentially any non-academic skill that students will need beyond the classroom.


Some schools currently teach “PSHE” (Personal, Social, and Health Education) classes which cover these topics. However, teaching PSHE is not mandatory, and therefore quantity and quality of teaching vary drastically across the country.


This scheme should provide an incentive for schools to teach Curriculum For Life, recognise those that already do, and eventually provide a strong basis for it to become mandatory nationwide. We will include a ‘resource bank’ on our website to facilitate lessons.


Any individual under the age of 22 can apply to help run the scheme, and schools will be able to apply for the awards from September 2020 onwards. At present, the scheme is entirely run by 14-17-year-old members of UK Youth Parliament, with funds held by Students Organising for Sustainability UK.